Thursday, August 25, 2011

God's Plan For You: What's Heaven Like?

Our Loving Heavenly Father has provided three different Heavens that we can go to depending on our judgment. To really understand this we must have a correct view of who God is. God is a perfect, just, uncomprimising Being who demands perfection and righteousness, and executes the full-measure of justice, but He is also a kind, loving, merciful Being as well, who is quick to reward ANY amount of righteousness. Because He is our Heavenly Father He wants us to be happy and He does that by sending us to the Heaven  where we would be most comfortable and happy. This analogy will help understand what is meant by this.

Let's pretend you and I are cleaning out horse-stalls and we have a very formal event that we need to be at that night. We get done and you go home, get cleaned up, and change into nice clothes. I decide I'll relax and just go to the event as is. When we arrive at the event you would not feel out of place or uncomfortable, but I would. I would see everyone dressed up in their nice clothes, but I would be in my smelly dirty jeans and would not fit in or feel the slightest bit comfortable. But, the opposite is true if we were to go to a ranching supply store as I was and you went in your fancy clothes. You would feel uncomfortable and I wouldn't. Our Heavenly Father doesn't want to put us in a place we wouldn't feel comfortable in.

The Heavens are also called kingdoms and are named as follows; Telestial, greek adverb of tele meaning "far away", Terrestrial, latin root of terra meaning "Earthly, Celestial, latin root of caelestis for "Heavenly".  I will explain a tiny bit about the first two, but I will mainly talk about the Celestial Kingdom because that is our end goal.

The Telestial Kingdom is compared to the glory of the stars. Those who go there will be the people who rebelled against God their entire life and didn't allow Jesus Christ to help them change.

The Terrestrial Kingdom is compared to the glory of the moon. Those who go there will be those who were good honest people, but were focused more on the things of the world than the things God wanted them to. They would pick and choose which of the commandments they would follow, instead of making an effort to keep all of them.

The Celestial Kingdom is compared to the glory of the sun. Those who go here are those who tried hard to keep all the commandments of God and they allowed Jesus Christ to help them change to become like Him. The Celestial Kingdom is the only place God is, it is the only place where you can be with your family forever, and it is the only place where you can ever hope to become as God is. When we were in the pre-mortal life we all wanted to make it here. This is what our goal was and still is.

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