Wednesday, July 13, 2011

God's Plan For You: We Lived Before This Life?!

Alright, there are times in are lives that we learn something so profound it completely changes our lives forever. This can be one of those moments. I promise you if you are able to understand, accept, and apply this plan it will change your life for the best. That's right the best! The first part of this is to find out where you are and where you want to be in this plan. God's plan for you is for you to return to Heaven to become like Him. Notice the word I used, return. I use this word, because if we go to Heaven it will be a return. That's right, we were in Heaven before we were here.

If that is true and we lived with God, then why would we ever want to leave? The answer is simple. We were created by God to become like Him and receive a fulness of joy, but we couldn't obtain that joy in the condition's we were in. You see God has a physical body, similiar to ours, but His is glorified and perfect! We wanted to have those same attributes and God wanted us to have them as well, so He prepared a way for us to be able to obtain a body like His and live with Him just as He lives. This way was through Jesus Christ and it involved Adam and Eve's transgression in the Garden of Eden, Jesus' suffering and death in our behalf and our choices that determine who we will be and where we will go after this life.

We decided that this plan was what we wanted to do and as a result the Earth was created by Jesus Christ. This is probably new knowledge to those not of our faith, but I testify that this is true. Like I said this is one of those things that can change your life forever, but it is an extensive plan and will definately require more than one blog. Stay tuned for next week's blog, "God's Plan For You: Adam Fell That Men Might Be".

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