Wednesday, June 8, 2011

When Ash Ketchum Turns His Hat Around It's About To Go Down!

So I can remember watching tons of sweet cartoons growing up, but the one that made me who I am today is Pokemon. Yes, the show about the little fighting creatures, you know Pikachu and Charizard! Well, okay it didn't exactly MAKE me who I am, but it was a big part of my youth. But, something that I kind of stumbled across that someone else had pointed out was that every time in the show when Ash Ketchum would turn his hat around it meant business! It was always the best part of the show. The camera would zoom in on him and in an epic fashion he would turn his hat around like you wouldn't believe. But, what made it the best was you always knew he was going to fight with everything from that point forward and it would make a great battle with which Ash would almost always come out victorious.

Well, this can be likened to our lives. When we are faced with the "battles", whether they be family problems temptations or even struggles that seem too hard for us to handle we need to be like Ash and in a sense turn our hats around. When this happens we need to ask the Saviour to help us and to give us the strength and sometimes the strategy we need to overcome these obstacles. I know that Jesus Christ live and loves . 


  1. Who didn't love Pokemon? New goal, always have the hat backwards when facing a trial.

  2. I'm with Sister Nestman, Pokemon is my favorite. We all need to face our trials with faith and courage, just like Brother Ketchum!